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Build Your Hospitality & Travel Business 

Business Strategist, Copywriter, and Consultant

As a well-traveled industry professional, you understand the demanding need for a stellar website,

a dynamic written presence, and high-quality media and content. It’s the very first touch point that your future world travelers and patrons need to see, before they pack their bags, and set sail to find you and your business.


Like most of your competitors, you don’t have the free time to research, develop, and craft the necessary copy that will make you relevant and stand out in today’s digital jungle.


When you stack up the endless list of necessary marketing tools needed; websites, blogs, email campaigns, media, press content, menus, in-room marketing materials, and more, you’ve come to know and realize, it’s now time to divide and conquer.


With more than 30 years of hands-on, in-the-trenches work as a General Manager, Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Director, and Resident Manager, I’m here to help lighten the load for you!


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 Elevate Your Business and Expand Your Reach

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If you counted all the miles and hotel stays’ I have enjoyed throughout my career, you could probably circle the globe more than a few times over. What comes with those treasured miles, is a plethora of insights I’ve gained into your target audience.


Just like them, I’ve developed an acute knowledge of all the likes and dislikes your guests subconsciously pack into their luggage, each and every time they step foot through your door.

As a hospitality consultant and travel copywriter, you now have a unique opportunity to collaborate with our team on all your business needs. We can give you the leg up on your competition.


As we capture and embody the longing gaze of your frequent flyers and guests, you’ll stand out from the crowd, and entice your customers to return again and again.

Staying true to the Chef’s credo:  “you're only as good as your last meal”, the same applies to travel and hospitality. The last meal, experience, or extended stay, your customers will remember, is how your offerings made them feel before they departed.

With my experience in hospitality consulting and crafting inspirational copywriting, you’ll be able to capture those tangible emotions that will have your customers tapping the ‘Reserve Now’ tab on their device almost every time. 

Knowing you’ve had to put off that much-needed reboot of your menus or marketing campaign, there will never be a better time than now to make this happen.


From in-room menus, content, blogs, websites, email campaigns, events, and concept redesign, you’ll have the luxury to pick and choose where you want to get started. 

What We Do






Tim Ramirez International supports World Central Kitchen in its frontline efforts to feed the world during humanitarian, climate, and community crises by donating ten percent of all proceeds. 

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"Tim's help with getting The Cooking Studio launched was invaluable.  From helping with menus, to business processes and customer service,

he was able to guide us to success.  We’ve been in business now for 7 years, and Chef  Tim Ramirez made that journey so much smoother than it would have been without his help. I couldn’t recommend him any higher! "

Trish O'Neill 
Founder of The Cooking Studio 
Fort Collins, CO 

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